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Adrian and Langston

Now that we are deeper into the novel, we are beginning to get more insight into each of the main characters. As Adrian’s character develops we start to see a more confident side of him emerge. When we were first introduced to Adrian he seemed quite average, nothing special, perhaps even boring at times. But as the novel progresses and Adrian becomes more comfortable in Sierra Leone, I think we begin to see a man with much more substance. Furthermore, I believe that his change in character was due in part to Mamakay.

Now bear with me as I try to draw parallels between Adrian in The Memory of Love and Langston from All Our Names. 🙂 In All Our Names we watch Langston go from living in Issac’s shadow to living in America on his own. Additionally, as I noted earlier, in The Memory of Love Adrian makes a transition from a timid psychologist to a brave and passionate lover. So, the first parallel can be seen in that both Langston and Adrian develop into more assertive and complex characters as the novel progresses. Yet another parallel emerges between the two characters when one notes the women they had relationships with. Both Adrian and Langston seek out nurturing yet passionate relationships despite knowing that there is little change for a future. Langston and Helen come from two different worlds and only have an allotted amount of time together while Adrian is married and will likely return to Britain soon. However, both men still allow these relationships to persist, which also illustrates their maturation and evolution as characters in the novels. I hope these two parallels helped you to see the same correlation that I see between Adrian and Langston, as I struggled to put into words the parallel that I saw.

Anyone have any thoughts on an additional parallel we might draw?