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Achebe Interview

Hey guys! I came across this interview this weekend so I thought I would share (some of you have probably already seen it). I believe it originally aired in May 2008, after the 50th anniversary of Things Fall Apart was published. He speaks almost as beautifully as he writes. 🙂 Overall, he seems like a very well-versed and humble man. A few of my favorite parts (if you don’t want to/don’t have time to watch all 23 minutes):

at 7:23: regarding his responsibility as a writer

at 11:40: he talks about his fame as a writer

at 19:20: his opinion about Chimamanda Adichie (he really didn’t seem to wan’t to talk about her)…at this point you should try to watch the end of the video. The interviewer asks him something he really doesn’t want to answer.