Digital Participation: Why Africans cannot tell their own stories.

This thought article is written by an African writer who cannot get published and is extremely frustrated. He blames the white capitalism for this and says that publishers only want stories that align with the European view on the world. His articles itself was not what intrigued me but rather the conversation is struck in the comments below the article. I summarized some of the comments below which show the variety of opinions on publishing African writing.


“don’t expect people to pay for your illogical ramblings, generalisations and your fixation on race.”

Publishing is about choosing which books will sell to the reading market. If there was an interest in African writing and people would buy it, it would be published.

This resistance to African creativity and telling a different story is not just in publishing. She experiences as a African grad student in the US everyday.

There are many informal ways of publishing if you are good enough.

Achebe wrote his own story. If you are good enough you get published.

There seems to be a lot of comments talking about if the writer is good enough at writing. Some are direct insults to the author of the article while others imply that people are just not interested in African literature. Some Africans share the same frustrations as the author while others think that his way of addressing the issue is not the right way to go about it. These opinions are not scholarly ones but rather show what members of the general public think which mostly consists of not a lot of sympathy for the author of this piece.


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