Digital Participation: The Square

I watched the film The Square about the Egyptian revolution that started in 2011. The film was great because it gave an inside look into the revolution. I was surprised, but happy to see Khalid Abdalla because I love the film The Kite Runner. The film starts with the beginning of the revolution in early 2011 to the summer of 2013. Khalid Abdalla and Ahmed Hassan were the two main active players depicted in the revolution. Madgy Ashour was a Muslim Brotherhood member and was staunch in the beliefs of the organization. Abdalla is posed as the leader of the revolution that pushed for the use of social media to document the revolution. I found that to be interesting because Abdalla is an actor and I expected the social media was instrumented as a group effort. I became really invested in the film through watching Ahmed because he was mainly the person talking in the film and was so passionate about the revolution. His passion for the cause was infectious and made you feel as if you were apart of the revolution too. My heart almost dropped when I saw Ahmed injured, but I was glad to see he was okay. The scenes of the painting of the mural on the revolution was powerful because the mental strain on the revolutionaries through the government changes was captured in art. Personally, I disliked the scenes with government tanks rolling over the people during a protest. The scene was raw and showed the ruthlessness of the military’s pursuit of the revolutionaries. I do wish the film focused more on Madgy and the Muslim Brotherhood protest at the end of the film to show the other half of the revolution. Madgy was an interesting figure because he shifted between support for the revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood. His loyalties in the end were to the Muslim Brotherhood, but he respected the revolutionaries. The Square is a great film to watch because you see how the revolution in Egypt starts and how it reacts throughout the three different government switches.


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