Digital Participation: Hallelujah Chicken Run Band

Hallelujah Chicken Run Band is a Zimbabwean group that plays “chimurenga” music, the name meaning “struggle” in Shona, and signifying the bands political resistance against the Ian Smith headed white minority government of then Rhodesia. Headed by Thomas Mapfumo, the band marries traditional Shona sounds and Western rock music, as well as rumba and jazz; the very act of performing Shona lyrics and using Shona instruments, like the mbira, was itself a kind of implicit resistance in a society that devalued and silenced the native population.


Hallelujah Chicken Run Band continues to produce music. Mapfumo, sometimes called the “The Lion of Zimbabwe,” now lives in exile in the US due to his outspoken criticism of the Mugabe regime.

If you like their sound, check out these articles on their history & style:


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