Digital Participation: #BandAid30

This blog post on the recreation of the Band-Aid video from 1984 explains a lot of the reasons why the video is so frustrating to Africans. It plays right into the White Savior Complex that we discussed a lot in class. It also brings up a topic that I find very interesting: aid pornography. This is very similar to a topic that I’m interested in when it comes to disability studies, inspiration porn. Aid pornography isn’t pornography in the way we expect it to be. It is the showing of people’s suffering, perhaps without their consent, in order to influence people to donate to “save” them. It is dependent on the White Savior Complex and the problem with it is that it strips people of their dignity. The blog post makes a simple but convincing argument as to why it’s wrong: the celebrities in the video would never, ever let themselves be seen in the same way that the “suffering Africans” are shown, so why should we say it’s ok to show the Africans that way when we wouldn’t want people to see us like that? (Hint: It’s because we devalue African lives.)


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