Digital Participation: Africa Cartoons

Though this class focused on literature, we’ve talked about other forms of media, particularly film. Through Africa Is A Country, I found a site called Africa Cartoons. This site says that it is an “Encyclopedia of African Cartooning,” and I think it’s fascinating. Cartooning is an often-overlooked form of media, but I’ve always found it fascinating how political cartoons can break down the major points of an issue into a single image. This site is definitely geared towards Africans and people who are paying close attention to the political situations in different African countries, as most political cartoons require context to be understood. You can search by specific country or by cartoonist. This is a very new site, and the creator says in the About page that they are hoping to include interviews, reviews, journal articles, and scholarly books on cartooning in Africa. I think this is very interesting as an alternative and up-and-coming art form in Africa, and it’s something I’ve never really thought about before. It’s relevant to our class, though, as a form of media that critiques and closely examines African politics and life.


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