Short Story: “Getting Somewhere” by Lilian A. Aujo

This short story is one that mimics the financial banality we’ve seen in previous texts. Beginning with the tragic death of his mother, which seems to have occurred during a bus trip the two took to Kampala, it follows the main character, Vincent. A single guy who appears to have a girl friend, but no kids of his own gets a call at 6:30 am from his father. Initially, he assumes it’s his father calling to notify him of the death of a family member, but it ends up being a conversation about money. Specifically, his two younger siblings (twins)  need 5 millions shillings in four days to pay their tuition. Their father cannot afford this amount because he’s been waiting for his retirement for ten years, since the social security office doesn’t believe he is who he says he is since his name has two alternative spellings. Unfortunately, even his retirement checks wouldn’t be enough to cover the full amount. In the end, Vincent has to turn to a colleague to borrow the amount and promise to pay a fourteen percent interest on top of the amount in three months. The story concludes by saying “at least your brother and sister will not drop out, they will get somewhere too one day, not so mutabaani?”


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