An Honest Exit

The short story I read was “An Honest Exit” by Dinaw Mengestu. Mengestu is the author of “All Our Names” which we read in class, so I’m sure everyone is familiar with that name. Mengestu tells this story from the first person as a teacher at a privileged high school he refers to as “The Academy” on Amsterdam Avenue in New York City. After his father passes away he spends many days in class telling the story of his father’s journey to Europe from Ethiopia. The school administration is frustrated by Mengestu’s decision to do this but his students are fascinated. The story follows Mengestu’s journey from Ethiopia, to Sudan, to Europe, each fragment enlightening class on a slice of life they had never pondered before. Compared to All Our Names the story did not have the lingering fascination of revealing the identity of the main character, but it was fascinating nonetheless. I’m curious whether or not this is a true story.

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