Short Story: The husband is Mine

The husband is mine is written by Sophie Kiwelu. This story is about marriage. Mizu married Chelule who was wealthy by running business. Chiku, who is Mizu’s sister envied her sister. After Mizu died because of disease, Chelule got pressure from the elders of the clan to issue wife inheritance. Finally, Chelule and Chiku married.

This story showed two different concepts of marriage exist in Africa. Konde people tend to marry under its tradition and make big family. However, Mizu and Chelule raised two children under their family planning. In addition, this story depicts the patriarchy of the clan. Women thought that husband’s status shows their status because many women in the clan was jerous Mizu who married a wealthy man. The authority of elders alos show the patriarchy of its society. The elders of the clan advised and encouraged Chelule to inherite wife.

The short story:


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