Short Story: The Book of Phoenix by Nnedi Okorafor

During our semester we’ve covered various novels. However my biggest critique is that a lot of these novels (minus Dog Days) seem to be realistic fiction. I wanted to go outside the box and explore a genre that I hold dear to me, science fiction. The short story “The Book of Phoenix” is sort of like Nigerian X-Men meets the Hunger Games. The story describes a Nigerian woman who’s name is Phoenix and her weird secluded life living in a medical facility tower. Though she is secluded from the outside world, there are many other characters she interacts with and befriends. When her best friend Saeed randomly dies, things change. This short story is fun and great escapism. It makes a good commentary on using your perceived weakness as your strength. While the ending was predictable, I did enjoy this new take on the Science Fiction genre.

Link to Short Story:


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