Short Story Review: Mist of Bitterness by Tony Enyinta

The story, Mist of Bitterness, is about a woman who is in a difficult when she finds out that her son has sickle cell disease. When she first met her husband, Odinkaru, she became pregnant with his child but she later had problems with the pregnancy and had to have an emergency abortion. Because of this abortion she is no longer able to have children. Even after they get married, she does not tell Odinkaru because she knows that he will leave her. To avoid this, she decides to get fertility drugs and buy maternity clothes to pretend she is pregnant. She then adopts babies to make it look like she was still getting pregnant. Her plan is going great until her third child, Chiwetalu, is diagnosed with the genetic disease, sickle cell. This diagnosis forces her into the predicament of having to finally tell Odinkaru the truth. I thought this story was interesting but I wish it would have been longer so I would have been able to find out whether she told her husband or not and what his reaction was.


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