Digital Participation; Sela Bey- Jacky Gosee

Jacky Gosee, an Ethiopian artist has been able to successfully incorporate a western influence on Ethiopian music. To better understand, Ethiopia’s main traditional dance is called eskista. It basically consists on shoulder shaking. Ethiopian culture is so traditional and conservative that there is little to no contact between men and women while dancing. But in this video you can see the influence of western as well as other outside influences in various instances.


Although the video shows people in traditional Ethiopian clothing, Gosee dresses in western influenced clothing. With his hat, glasses, and tattoo, he is able to differentiate himself from a common Ethiopian. The dance moves in the video also show the steps of cultural progression taken by Gosee. With an Ethiopian beat, the dancers are able to take on American dances in a battle. By showing both Ethiopian and American dress and dance, the similarities and differences between the two cultures become apparent.


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