Digital Participation : Africa and Japan

This video is posted on you tube by Japanese government, prime minister’s office of Japan.

This video expalins the current situation between Japan and African countries such as Mozambique and Ethiopia.

Since Africa is emerging economy, Japan approaches to build stronger relationships. According to the you tube page, Japanese Prime minister, Abe, visited Mozambique adn Ethiopia thi year. On the other hand, Japan is also a great partner

for African countries because they follow the path of Asian tigers, which are the countries that achieved rapid economic

development, as stated in the video. I thought this video is intersting because this shows the strengthening relationship

between Africa and Asia, espeically Japan.


About erika926nishihara

I am an international student from Japan. I lived in Kyoto. I major in International Relations. I am junior. My concentration of SIS is International Development in Africa.

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