Short Story: Blak Power by NoViolet Bulawayo

Noviolet Bulawayo’s Blak Power is based on President Mugabe’s land reform program launched in 2000. The story follows the four main characters, Godknows, Bastard, Sbho, and Stina on their troubles and the witnessing the implementation of the land reform program. The four main characters are confronted by an officer that is described as a dog and the same metaphor is used later on in the story to describe the soldiers that raid the white couple’s home. The reference to “Blak Power” is to allude to Mugabe’s land reform that uprooted 6,000 white landowners and gave the land to about a quarter of a million black Zimbabweans, according to The Guardian. The story briefly touches on the cruelty shown toward the white landowners revealed through Sbho’s sympathy for the couple stating “They are people” to respond to Bastard’s “Are you crying for white people.” The characters in the story live up to their names and the overall state of Zimbabwe under the land reform program is captured in the story.

The short story:

The Guardian article:


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