Digital Participation: Nigerian Traditional Food-Fufu

Hi everyone, I am sharing a kind of food I had during the Thanksgiving. I was invited to Boston by my roommate. She is from a Nigerian family, so I have had some Nigerian food during the Thanksgiving. Here is one thing that really impressed me and prove that the thing we learned in class is right. Fufu is a staple food in Nigerian. According to my roommate’s mom, it is usually made by yam in Nigeria. (She didn’t have yam at that time, so she used potatoes instead.) This reminded me of Things Fall Apart. In the novel we know that yams are a very important food.

To my surprise, fufu “was introduced to Africa from Brazil by Portuguese traders in the 16th century” (Wikipedia).

Here is the recipe and more info.

How to make fufu video–>

Wikipedia “Fufu”–>


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