Digital Participation: Homosexuality in Cameroon

My last post for the night, I swear. Tonight I stumbled across this really interesting video on Youtube called “Cameroon: Where being gay is a crime.” After all of our in-class discussions about Nigeria’s draconian laws criminalizing homosexuality, this video shows that similar policies (and prejudices) are occurring in neighboring Cameroon. For example, lists of expected homosexuals have been published, which ultimately result in an array of “witch hunts” to target (and to harm) these individuals. Although Nigeria and Uganda are the most notorious African countries in terms of their homophobic laws, Cameroon happens to be the nation with the most imprisoned homosexuals who experience severe harassment and abuse behind bars- many of whom are jailed simply by word-of-mouth. To counteract these deplorable circumstances, there is one lawyer by the name of Alice Nkom who has the courage to defend homosexuals from further persecution (not to mention willing to denounce the government) although she herself faces a multitude of death threats from Cameroonian society. Nkom equates state-wide sanctions on homosexuality to apartheid. Other aspects of this report also showcase that anti-gay sentiment is fueled over the media (because people are less interested in what shenanigans Biya is up to) and that there are conspiracy theories that a “gay mafia” exists within the upper-echelons of the government. Check out this video!

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