Digital Participation: Call me Kuchu

First off Call me Kuchu is on Netfilx so everyone should go and watch it!

Call me Kuchu fascinated me because the film shows the real life experiences of people living in Uganda and how homosexuality is viewed from both the LGBT community and from those who oppose them. In class we questioned how it was possible for activist groups/ NGOs to operate in countries like Nigeria and Uganda with these strict laws. This film shows us how it is being done through the justice system and through trying to convince people just to talk with the LGBT community so that they will become more tolerant and understanding. Despite the activists’ victory in the courtroom against the rolling stone newspaper that has been exposing pictures, names and even addresses of homosexuals, the newspaper will never stop publishing the pictures because in their mindset, they are doing the right thing.

In listening to people like the pastor and the newspaper editor explain why they spread hate against the gays, it is clear that their way of thinking is so close minded and radical that they cannot be swayed. The quote that stuck me the most from the newspaper editor was when he said “we shall ignore the right of privacy, in the interest of the public” in response to the accusations that the paper was violating homosexuals human right of privacy. This shows that people genuinely believe that eliminating homosexuality is in the publics best interest.

Naome, one of the activist, explains that “It’s one thing being outed, and another thing being denied.” The newspapers naming homosexuals can be dangerous to a persons life but Naome reminds the viewer that it is equally emotionally damaging. Being shamed and outcasted by your own family and friends is a lot harder than strangers knowing about your sexuality.

Call me Kuchu reminds us that homophobia in countries like Uganda is not a single story. Each person has a different perspective and experience with homosexuality and to them that is justified.


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