Digital Participation: AIDs in South Africa

So as some of you know (maybe I said it in class but, I am not too sure), I lived in South Africa for a short time working as an aide to a public health worker in the townships around Plettenberg Bay.  Now during my time there, my friends and I needed to do make a project about what we were working on as part of our program that we were with and we had heard so much about the AIDs epidemic in the country but, still found parts of the origin story to be very confusing and really felt that we weren’t getting the real story from the readings that we were doing. Much of it told us that AIDs just “happened” and talked at length about how the apartheid regime was at fault for the current issue. But, we wanted to see what regular South Africans thought abbot the epidemic so, this video is to show case what we had found throughout the process.

Please excuse the poor quality, we did this with a whiteboard, a Macbook, and small digital camera.  Otherwise, I am very proud of this work and it gives interesting insights into why AIDs is an issue as well as a more holistic view of a crisis that cannot be simplified into one explanation.

Here is our video: 


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