Unsaid things

In “On Monday of Last Week,” Kamara is a woman who does not speak up about her feelings on various issues. The opening scene with Kamara touching herself while standing in front of a mirror, “…examining her lumpy middle and imagining it flat as a book cover, and then she would close her eyes and imagine Tracy caressing it with those paint-stained fingers,” expresses the untold feelings she has toward Tracy. The discussion of Tracy throughout most of the story is minimal until the last couple of pages. Tracy is described as an artist and seem to have an attraction to Kamara when they meet in the kitchen (87). The women exchange few words that lead to going to Tracy’s studio and Tracy asking Kamara to be a nude model for her (89). The sexual tension between women presents the topic of homosexuality. But, Kamara declines Tracy’s offer and sees her later on in the story with Tracy declining to paint her in that moment. The class conversation for the past weeks has been about silence and homophobia in Africa. The topic of homophobia is not explicitly told in the story, but Kamara hints to the denial of it when she talks to Tracy expressing the fear of her feelings coming out. The story also alludes to a silence that where people do not speak up for themselves. Kamara often throughout the story is silent about different affairs and has a inner struggle over the decisions being made around her or for her. The scene of Kamara discussing the way of how she came to America is a more reserved story with her thoughts that were never shared. The ending also shows as an example of the silence of not knowing how to explain difference with Neil not fully explaining the status of the relationship between him and Tracy. The story shows the elements of silence while also showing the fear of homophobia in American society. Any thoughts???

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  1. I like how you pointed out the concept of the LBGTQ community not only fearing judgment but the feeling of not being able to speak up for themselves. Kamara and Tracy’s unsaid attraction to each other is much like that of Adrian and his friends in “Walking with Shadows.” Some of the characters in “Walking with Shadows” have been in long-term relationships but have felt unable to proclaim that to their family and friends. Kamara’s fear of speaking about her feelings is similar in that she feels like she is physically unable to, with the pressures of society bearing down on her so much that she feels like she has no voice. The feeling of having no voice is also one that many people who move to a new country feel upon arrival.

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