Short stories are just so much better

Chimamanda Adiche has done a wonderful job of holding my attention in “The Thing Around Your Neck.” I personally had never read a book full of short stories until this point, but I’ve come to realize that this might be the best way to keep my attention. The message that sometimes takes days of reading to communicate is conveyed in the length of a chapter. Each story is totally unique and yet related (if that makes sense?). After reading 3 or 4 of these I began to feel the sense that each story plays a role within the bigger picture Adiche is trying to portray.

Anyways, I was so impressed with this book that I began to look up other short stories about Africa to see what other gems I could find. I actually didn’t find anything I liked that was free and online (maybe the best short stories are in published books?) but I did stumble upon this:

^^^^ This is a list of African proverbs, which I have always been entertained by. The website though, afritorial, has a lot of original content related to Africa that a lot of people might be interested in. Some of it seems to be pretty well written so it might be worth checking out.

So in conclusion I need short story recommendations. But I thought I would share what I found.

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  1. Don’t know if I can help with the recommendations– I’m looking for others too! But I was wondering if you felt the same way as I do– I get so angry when the short story is over because I get attached to the characters and want to know more! Maybe that’s just me.. I know Adiche is working her magic with the overarching theme but there are just some stories that I would like a resolution to!

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