“It’s a Night Job” – a Short Story Review

http://www.africanwriterstrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/suubi.pdf (page 36)

In Joanita Male’s short story “It’s a Night Job”, the protagonist is a young woman in university narrating about prostitution. The story itself has a tone of setting the stage, taking the reader through the woman’s evening step by step as if to give a snapshot of her reality. Although the story did not strike me as new or unique in concept, I took away from the story a few of the ideas we have discussed in class, such as adaptation in times of crisis and senselessness. Specifically, the woman discusses the many ways that she has quickly learned how to improve her time (and therefore money) while interacting with her customers. Furthermore, she also contemplates the reasons and motives behind her choice to prostitute, and how the lack of reasoning (other than the money) makes it difficult for her to end her night job. What particularly struck me in style was the author’s repetition of the woman saying to herself “I hate this part!”, which illustrates how every detail to her job is a small stab to her dignity.


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