Internet Short Story Review

I find The Evidence of Things Unseen, by Chinelo Onwualu to be a unique and thought provoking short story. It was published on the blog Brittle Paper: An African Literary Experience on October 21st, 2014. The story centers on a young girl who is working in a street market when she sees a man who doesn’t quite belong. She and a group of girls know that this man is “the one” and thus they mark him, follow him out of the market, surround him in a field, and when his true face reveals itself, they kill him. It seems that this is the young girl’s calling, and they have made mistakes about it in the past. The man is sometimes called The Destroyer or the Lord of Chaos, signaling that he takes different forms and has been doing so for ages. Reading this left me with a lot of questions about who/what exactly the man was, how this group of young girls has been tasked with getting rid of him, and if there are any hints of Nigerian folklore or myth interwoven in the story. It seems like it would best fit into a fantasy genre. I would love to read a more fully developed version!

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