Women’s Rights Protest in Kenya


In response to a group of men stripping a woman of her clothes because she wore a miniskirt, about 200 Kenyan protesters took to Nairobi to speak out against violence towards women. A group of 20 men also participated in a rival demonstration, positing the more conservative mentalities within the country. Activists have also utilized twitter to speak out under the hashtags of #MyDressMyChoice and #strippingshame.

As we have discussed in class and heard from Jude Dibia, the human rights movements of Africa are taking a dynamic push-and-pull form as many are speaking out for women’s and LGBT rights while facing opposition from the government and greater civil society. As Dibia also pointed out, it seems that passivity is a tactic that many of these groups utilize simply to stay safe. However, this example in Kenya just goes to show that tensions boiling under the surface might finally start seeing the light.


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