“Is Africa the most homophobic continent?” CNN Article


I found this opinion article on CNN about homophobia in Africa. It was posted on the 28th of February right after the new laws in Nigeria and Uganda were passed. The title of “Is Africa the most homophobic continent?” addresses the response to these laws of generalizing homophobia in Africa into one single story. I summarized the four main points the article makes below but you should definitely go read it because it offers a different perspective on what we have been discussing in class!

  1. Africa is not one country. There are 54 countries in Africa and each one addresses homosexuality in different ways. There is not one single story of homophobia in Africa.
  2. Homophobic beliefs have their roots outside of Africa. Many traditional beliefs tolerated those who were homosexual as long as it was discreet. Colonialism and Christianity changed this by splitting up families and destroying African culture.
  3. Christianity has given many Africans an identity after colonialism and American evangelicals have promoted homophobic beliefs in the continent.
  4. Homophobia still very much exists in the U.S and we should address that before trying to fix other countries.

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