Different Sins

As discussed in class and as seen in the readings, homophobia is a huge problem in Nigeria. There have been laws passed that criminalize being gay and those who are homosexual are living in constant fear. In Walking with The Shadows, the one thing that struck me about Ada was her reaction to Adrian coming out to her. Her response was strictly based on how she had been raised. She was unwilling to accept Adrian because of all her parents had thought her as well as all that she had learned in Church. However it was also interesting to note that while Ada had been brought up with ‘ Christian values’ there were other secrets that the family had been covering up. For example, Ada had an aunt who got an abortion when she was 16 but it was kept a family secret. In this novel, Nigerians stood on their high horse and condemned gays. Claiming and it was sin and so on. However it was very hypocritical because everyone sins, we all just sin differently.

Towards the end of the novel, we see a shift in the way Ada thinks. She begins to accept Adrian for who is. She doesn’t quite understand him, but she also doesn’t hate him due to the simple fact that he is gay. She also mentions that she would raise their daughter to be more tolerant of everyone. I thought that was significant because in order to eliminate the homophobic issue in Nigeria, parent need to start teaching their children to be more tolerant. In this novel, we have seen that throughout Nigeria, there are many people who are gay but are just in denial. If those people made it a point to educate their children on tolerance, then we would be one step closer to solving the homophobic issue in Nigeria.


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