Xenophobia and AIDS

In Welcome to Our Hillbrow, people in South Africa have xenophobia which is caused by apartheid. People in South Africa think AIDS come from outside of the South Africa. The author mentions that “ this AIDS, according to popular understanding was caused by foreign germs that travelled down from the central and western part of Africa (3-4). People in South Africa blame foreigners as the cause of AIDS and they think they are victims. In page 4, the author mentions that AIDS comes from Green Monkey in West Africa. People in South Africa seem to have different identity from and that of Central and Western African.

This book, Welcome to Our Hillbrow and the film Yesterday depicts AIDS in South Africa. Mine is depicted in both this book and the film yesterday. Since South Africa is mine rich country, I think the condition promote the spread of AIDS. Because of many men are working for mine company and out of town and away from their family, they tend to make girlfriend or another wives in town such as in Johannesburg.

People in Hillbrow think that foreigners bring problems and afraid of them. Linking AIDS with foreigners are clearly prejudice. The author mentions that “You, Refentaw, had written the story of your fictitious scarecrow heroine in an attempt to grapple with these profound questions of euphemism, xenophobia, prejudice and AIDS (59). Thus, xenophobia partly explains the prejudice surrounding AIDS. People in South Africa do not raise the problems of their sexual behavior and just blame the foreigners.

To sum up, people in South Africa are afraid of foreigners and think that evil disease comes from them. They think they are victim of this foreign disease and xenophobia seems to spread in South Africa. However, the connotation is just prejudice and make no sense.


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