Yesterday’s yesterday

Yesterday? Someone asked the woman to confirm that was truly her name…

Yesterday giggled, replying that her father always thought yesterday was better than today.

We have not touched upon the idea of time in relation to Yesterday, and the deeper implications of her name as a theme within the movie. Bearing the label of a time that has always passed, never to return and unchangeable gives me the sense that the experience is like that of being in the present with your anchor hanging back behind. This name – Yesterday – implies strattleing the present, through living as a person within each moment, and past, through constant reminder – a sense of ‘looking back. With each frame within the movie there is a back story; the true ‘Yesterday’ of happiness, when the family was together and healthy. Each time that Yesterday would share her name with another – with a big smile – it seemed we were being reminded of what happened before, and what we cannot get back, but what we can joyfully remember. The sad truth is that by continuing on Yesterday and her family are becoming more and more distant from this past, and slowly crumbling.

Yesterday rests between two characters: her husband and her daughter, which bookend her loose sense and existence of time. On one end there is the husband, which seems to represent the black hole that Yesterday herself is falling down as she too grows ill. By holding onto her healthy past by mentally preparing herself to see her daughter through school is a move of Yesterday turning to herself, and turning to this meaning of yesterday. This meaning is one of looking back and holding onto the power and light that once shone.

On the other end is Beauty – another name which could be discussed – which represents the brighter past of Yesterday. Beauty’s mother never went to school, she recalls of her past, but her daughter will have a future unlike Yesterday’s yesterday. Our protagonist holds on to this ‘before’ through the support and weight of both her husband and her daughter.


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  1. katherinehanson17

    I found the scene when Yesterday explains her name very interesting as well. The idea that yesterday was better than today is definitely shown as Yesterday gets sicker and each day gets harder. I agree that Yesterday’s relationship with her Husband was also better in the past before they got sick because the memories we see are all happy ones but I think that towards the end of the movie we begin to see that tomorrow and the future are what make up for the bad times of the past. Beauty represents this by going to school when Yesterday never had the chance too. So in the case of Beauty, tomorrow and the days after that are what will be better because she has a bright future. For Yesterday all she has are the happy memories of her past while seeing the day when her daughters future begins is what keeps her alive.

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