Yesterday and Dallas Buyers Club

When watching the film Yesterday it reminded me of a recent film that dealt with the same subject matter. That film is the excellent film Dallas Buyers Club. This film (if you don’t know the plot) deals with a homophobic man named Ron Woodroof and how he comes to terms with dealing with his AIDS. During this time he begins to help other people get medicine during a time where AIDS was still a mystery. I found some interesting parallels between two the movies.

The first interesting parallel I found was in the characters of Yesterday and Ron Woodroof. Both characters had to come to terms with their disease and at the same time help a different person get through it as well. The person that both main characters are helping is someone that both main characters have problems with. Ron for instance helps a transsexual woman named Rayon. The film Dallas Buyers Club, establishes early on in the movie that Ron hates the LGBT community. But as the film goes on he comes to respect and adore the LGBT community and has Rayon be his business partner. In the film Yesterday Yesterday helps her husband who more or less has cheated on her, beat her, and essentially has abandoned her. While the film does not state that Yesterday resents her husband. I’m sure her feelings for him are not very positive. But she is able to forgo that in order to take care of him. Both Yesterday and Ron are selfless characters who could’ve done anything else while dealing with this disease, instead they decided to help characters dealing with HIV/AIDS instead.

Another parallel is the role of the kind female doctor in both movies. In Dallas Buyers Club, Dr. Saks tries everything in her power to help Ron use the medicine he has found instead of the AZT medicine the doctors have prescribed. This is because AZT has deadly side effects. In the film Yesterday , the doctor in that is not as drastic. However she treats Yesterday with kindness and respect, something you wouldn’t expect when you see the long line for the clinic at the beginning of the movie.

I think both movies cover the hardships and sacrifice AIDs/HIV victims go through and both are extremely powerful movies with extremely powerful central characters.


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  1. I hadn’t thought of the comparison with Dallas Buyers Club, so thank you for bringing it up. For the most part, I agree with the similarities you brought up, however I do think there are a few differences worth noting between Yesterday and Ron. In some ways I think Ron is just as similar to Yesterday’s husband as he is to Yesterday. Upon receiving the news that he has AIDS, Ron reacts very violently and in disbelief, partly because of his opinions on homosexuality. Ron’s character possesses a lot more fear than Yesterday. Yet another similarity that you allude to are the lengths that both Ron and Yesterday go to in order to get the medications they need (to Mexico or a two hour+ walk to the village). So I come away thinking that Ron is just as much like Yesterday as he is like her husband, which I think can possibly go down as a demonstration of the insecurity of many men.

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