AIDS and Ebola

I understand that at this point, as the newspaper headlines begin to slowly turn away from western Africa in favor of Middle Eastern wars and U.S. politics, people are very tired of the Ebola conversation. The topic, for many, has run its course and veered into the realm of pop culture. Yet for so many weeks–months even–it was the cover story of every major newspaper and broadcast. My question for readers is three-fold:

1) Why did this disease get so much press coverage compared to other African diseases like AIDS?

2) Why is it suddenly not getting as much attention?

3) What does all of that say about the relationship between Africa, the media and deadly diseases?

My inspiration for this question is Yesterday’s struggle with AIDS. Clearly this isn’t the rapidly murderous disease that Ebola is but it exists on a far greater scale than Ebola and hardly receives any media attention.

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