Digital Participation–“Are We Civilized?”

Hi everyone, I would like to share a book I have read. (I read this book in a Chinese translation version. The Chinese title of this book is: 野蠻與文明, meaning Primitive and Civilization.) This book is not directly related to the theme “violence,” which we have been discussing in class, but this is the book that inspires me to make the post Are We Civilized?. This is a book Rober Harry Lowie, an Austrian anthropologist. “He [is] instrumental in the development of modern anthropology” (Wikipedia). This book is deemed as one of the classic books in anthropology. In the book the author gives us tons of examples of different cultures. I was totally culture-shocked upon knowing how different some cultures can be. By knowing how people all over the world do in their daily lives, the author invites us to rethink the question: What is civilization?

This question is the very question that I raised in my previous post. When reading Dog Days, I was also thinking this question.

*For more details, please read my post.


**The book on Amazon


***Rober Harry Lowie on Wikipedia



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