Tourism: The Library of Alexandria in Egypt (Digital Participation)

Egyptian pyramid? Checked. The Sphinx? Checked. Pompey’s Pillar? Checked.

Those may be on the list of top three tourist destinations in Egypt.

But, if you are one of those bookworms and prefer to kill the time in a library, be sure to check out the Library of Alexandria, a once underground library in Egypt!

The Library of Alexandria, or Bibliotheca Alexandrina as it is called in Latin, was built by Ptolemy who also served a general for Alexander the Great. Driven by his huge desire for knowledge, Ptolemy made this library to be the center of the world’s science in around 290 BCE to 415 BCE. Moreover, this library was used to be the navel where great intellectuals had debate and scientific research.

To date, the library has been renovated into a modern and sophisticated building to accommodate all people who are thirsty of knowledge. It was open for public starting 2002, and is known for its top notch “digitization lab” as it aspires to be the leading library highly incorporating technology and knowledge. Moreover, as situated in a country where freedom of speech is still its biggest struggle, the new Library of Alexandria hopefully brings about new horizons beyond the boundaries of culture, religion, and even political views.

I wish I could fly there to witness all this great progress!

Here’s the link:


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