Professor Fatima Meer from South Africa (Digital Participation)

Born in 1928 in Durban from an Indian father and Jewish-Portuguese mother, small Fatima is already exposed to acquire a good education. Fatima even earns Master’s degree in Sociology, which rarely happens at that time for black Muslim women to attend university. Having been raised in a liberal family, Fatima is also familiar with international news regarding racial discrimination during the colonial era. Fatima marks her career milestone by being an activist at the age of 16 to resist the apartheid regime when she was still in high school. Fatima realizes that a strong unity between Indian and Africans in Durban is important to deal with the racial discrimination. To that extent, Fatima is also a close working colleague of Nelson Mandela whose wife, Winnie Mandela, is detained together with the University of Natal graduate because of their resistance movements. Fatima’s journey seeking for equality comes at the price of herself that she is almost assassinated. Not only is she passionate about politics, Fatima also shows her benevolent side of her by helping out those suffering from poverty. Through her ups and downs in defending human rights during the apartheid politics, Fatima’s spirit and contributions should be preserved by young generations who wish to see more equality and justice in the years to come. After all, our future is in our hands.



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