A sense of loss

In The Memory of Love, a sense of loss is depicted around the novel. Through civil war, the community shares the feeling of melancholy. Both physical and institutionalized violence ruined Sierra Leone. People are feeling a sense of loss. The sentence that “as she walks away from you, what you feel is loss. A promotion of loss” depicts a meaningless sense of loss (1). People in the community feel that they lost the world they knew. The man in front of Elias sang about loss and his misfortune that he lives in a world which became a different place (2). The world the people lived changed to a different world. Thus, people feel a sense of loss.

The sense of loss makes people in the community depressed. “Hundreds, thousands of young men, high on drugs and very, very angry. No jobs. No futures. Nothing to lose. The thing that was coming had arrived” (86). You men refuse to face reality and are procrastinating about solving their problems. They are overwhelmed by hopelessness. People are caught in vicious circle. A sense of loss is flourish in the community and people cannot break out of the vicious circle.

This depiction of a sense of loss reminds me the situation after the great east Japan earth quick and tsunami. People shared the sense of loss and depressed. They caught in vicious circle because of a sense of loss. This example shows that a sense of loss is flourish in reality in depressing situation. After crisis, people share a sense of loss as depicted in The Memory of Love and as shown in the great East Japan earth quick. The novel depicts the shared lost feeling after crisis.


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  1. Hey Erika,

    In terms of this “premonition of loss,” I enjoy how you referenced the first page of the novel in your blog post. The style in which the first page was written is an eerie foreshadow of the melodrama that will unfold for the next 434 pages. The passage where Elias reflects on “love at first site” really sets the stage for his enigmatic relationship with Saffia. Granted he becomes infatuated with her the moment he lays eyes on her at the faculty wives dinner, he essentially manipulates her into “loving” him, both in terms of his persistent stalking behavior or allowing Julius to die (and consequentially get out of the picture) in order for Saffia to be once again available. But the fact of the matter is that Saffia could never truly love him, and Elias eventually realizes that, which further solidifies his loss and disappointment. Although Elias’ premonition of loss versus the collective loss in a post-war country are two totally different concepts, we are able to draw parallels between both due to Forna’s impeccable writing style.

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