The Ebola Crisis & US Response

As I’m sure most of you know, the rise of Ebola and its numbered cases in the US have brought on plenty of negative response and coverage in the media and American society as most of the population is fairly uninformed about the nature of the disease. I wanted to share with you two links covering the topic: the first is an article on university applications for African students and the second is a more positive take on the crisis in general.

The Ebola crisis – more specifically the American response to it – greatly ties into the many discussions we’ve had in class about the (mis)conceptions of African nations and Western generalizing tendencies of Africa. The first article ties into The Memory of Love with Kai’s lengthy process of attaining a visa, and how the moment his profession was revealed was he treated in a very different manner. How does the Ebola crisis reflect some of the social commentary in The Memory of Love regarding the Western world and its involvement with Africa?


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