Western media’s coverage of the Ebola outbreak

There have been a handful of great articles on Western media’s coverage of Ebola.  Aminatta Forna’s article is particularly poignant.  She writes, “Some years ago I met the Sierra Leonian expert in haemorrhagic fevers, Dr Aniru Conteh, who headed the country’s Lassa fever research unit. He had struggled on with his work for years despite a lack of proper equipment – reportedly at one point using a snorkel and mask while handling samples. He died after being accidentally contaminated by a patient. His successor, Dr Sheik Umar Khan, spearheaded initial efforts to combat the Ebola outbreak. He too died in the line of duty, as did most members of his unit: researchers, nurses and even a driver. Their loss will have enduring consequences in the world’s fight against the disease, yet their life’s work has received less coverage than an idiotic remark by Trump. Read reports in the western media of Ebola hysteria and you may well ask yourself to whom the hysteria belongs. Not, apparently, to those with the most to lose.”



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